Ceraçaporanga and the Tale of Guaraná

According to an old Amazon tale, the Guaraná tree was born of the eyes of Ceraçaporanga, who was the most beautiful woman living in Brazil’s Amazon forest. She was the pride of the Maués tribe, and her beauty was to be carefully guarded to be married to the bravest fighter of the tribe.

When Ceraçaporanga met and fell in love with a warrior from an enemy tribe, both tribes opposed the love affair and persecuted the lovers. Ceraçaporanga knew in her heart that her lover would not be spared if he were caught by her brothers. One day, in the middle of a love encounter, she was faced with the whole tribe surrounding the couple. She knelt and prayed to the gods to keep them together. To the tribe’s surprise, right there in front of everybody, the couple were struck by a lightening bolt. On the spot where the beautiful Ceraçaporanga died grew an awesome tree, which was then called Guaraná – “The Eyes of Ceraçaporanga”. That was the first tree of Guaraná.

Born from true love and destroyed by intolerance, that tree still grows and fills the hearts and lives of all the Maués. It would multiply and its fruit would appease the thirst and hunger of all members of both tribes.

Later the Guaraná would go out into the world teaching its lessons of love and forgiveness, quenching the thirst and energizing whoever drinks the beverage.

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