Guaraná Golly, the Soft Drink
Why is it good for you?

Because Guaraná Golly is a new generation of soft drinks !
Unlike any others, its formula contains the real fruit, extracted from the trees of the Rain Forest, loaded with natural energy. Guaraná Golly brings the Rain Forest energy into your body, restores body balance and brings back that feel good sensation. Golly’s taste uncovers hidden memories of a natural and healthy life, where humans live in peace with nature absorbing all its powerful and eternal energy. This is what Guaraná Golly can do for you !

Feel the real energy of the Rain Forest running inside your body ! Guaraná Golly is made with the seed of guaraná and pure mountain water … Try Guaraná Golly and feel the difference !

Guaraná Golly should be served ice cold. It can also be used as a mixer for other beverages, such as whisky, rum, vodka, or your choice drink.
Available in 12 oz cans, packed in 24 cans box for retail, Guaraná Golly can be found in grocery stores, ethnic stores and restaurants throughout the country.

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