Our Company

Guarana Golly is a product of Panzer Trading Company, a company doing business for 25 years. In 1994 we decided to bring guarana to the United States as a soft drink. The guarana is extremely popular in South America where millions of gallons are consumed daily, and commands a substantial percentage of the carbonated soft drink market, being the 4th most consumed drink in the world.
 As we were developing Guarana Golly to target a new market, taste had to be adapted. After 5 years of research and marketing on a small, local scale, but with a highly diversified population that well represented the broad U.S. taste, we felt Guarana Golly was ready for wider distribution.

When Disney World began planning its Millenium Celebration, Guarana Golly was invited to represent South America as its beverage of choice. For the duration of the Millenium Celebration visitors from the world over enjoyed and praised the Guarana Golly. Panzer Trading is now starting to offer the beverage on a broad national scale and Guarana Golly is available throughout the United States, to be known and enjoyed by you and your family. If you appreciate a good beverage, a soft, flavorful and energetic drink, Guarana Golly is for you !

Our Corporate Offices are located in Orlando, FL. To contact us, please CLICK HERE.